Donors 2020 – 2021

Legacy Club

($7,500 Donation Level)

Platinum Club

($5,000 Donation Level)

The Dowden Family

Gold Club

($2,500 Donation Level)

The Arnold Family

The Fox Family

Varsha and Deepak Israni

Charlotte and Kyle Peng

Silver Club

($1,500 Donation Level)


The Ford Family

Shih-Hsin Jason Hu

The McDevitt Family

The Meacham Foundation

Christene and James Renner

The Roach Family

The Schreiber Family

The Watanabe Family

Bronze Club

($750 Donation Level)

Traci Acers

Lisa and Ernest Auerbach

Michelle J. and Richard V. Bailey

The Baker and Zarcone Family

Mercy and Terek El-Ansary

The Emri Family

Patsy and Francisco Engelhardt

Johanna and Tony Flower

Marni and Scott Foote

Pam and Dan Gleason

Charline Hao

Jennifer and Josh Hill

Joyce and Terry Hwa

Susan Kehrberg

Kim and Paul Klekotka

Mary and Mark Lambson

Kwan Soo Lee

Grace and John Lim

The Linares Family

Romy and David Loseke

Kerily and Blaise McEvoy

The McGuire Family

Natasha and Andrew Meyer

The Menghini Family

Nancy and Kevin Pegels

The Sihota Family

Shelley and Mike Stevenson

Cardinal Club

($365 Donation Level)

Eleni and Giuseppi Ammirati

Megan Freitas and Chris Babcock

The Barron Family

The Brown Family

Tracy and Ethan Burstein

The Buttery Family

Maria and Chris Chan

Jaime Chen

Regina and Will Connell

The Criqui Family

The Sliter-Daugherty Family

Tracy Cereghino and Brady Davis

Tammy and George Doan

Tammy and George Doan

The Dugdale Family

Deb and Scott Eisendrath

Lina Ericcson

Julia and Chet Fagin

The Faix Family

G. Francisco

Jenn and Trey Fletcher

The Freeland Family

The Fusca Family

Renee and Brad Good

The Gunn Family

The Hastings Family

Heidi and Brendan Hayes

Katrina Hunt

April Mosebrook and Stuart Kipper

Jaime Komen

The Lane Family

Carmen and Tim Laughlin

Grace and John Lim

Weize (Daniel) Liu

The Macleod Family

Zi and Gene Marsh

Jill and Jeremy Martin

The Merson Family

Eleni and William Miller

The Walcott-Miller Family

Takeshi Mitsuishi

Amy Morro

The Patrick Family

The Pearson Family

The Petersen Family

The Philibbosian Family

Chris and Jane Quinn

Martin Schmidt

Joseph Schwartz

The Shitole Family

Sheri and Steven Spector

Anna and Eric Steinert

The D. Thomas Family

The Thut Family

Traci and Mark Trask

Franziska and Bart Walker

David Wang

Elaine Wang

Carla and Aaron Weiss

Elke van Obberghen-Bogaert

Stephanie and Matt van Winkle

Sunyong Won

Lei Zheng and Wenfeng Liu

Weihang Zhou

Updated 10/2/2020