The Torrey Pines High School Foundation (TPHSF) is the central facilitator for fundraising and distribution of grants that provide support for the programs that create an exceptional high school experience for students.

The sterling reputation of Torrey Pines High School is attributed, in part, to the success of academic, athletic, visual/performing arts, and other special programs supported by TPHSF. This is accomplished through Classroom & Student Enrichment and Extracurricular Programs.

The nonprofit Torrey Pines High School Foundation was established in 1993 to bridge the large gap between students’ needs and state/district funding by raising money through donations and special events. Thanks to the support of generous donors, we achieve our mission of enhancing the educational and developmental experience for ALL Torrey Pines High School students.

We bridge the gap to greatness that government funding does not provide.

Science Student at Torrey Pines High School

Classroom & Student Enrichment

Donations to the Classroom & Student Enrichment Program go directly to enhancing the student experience through education and student connectedness programs  (not to extracurricular clubs and sports). From campus beautification, to wireless spectrometers for the science department, to a baby grand piano, and to diploma covers on graduation day, Classroom & Student Enrichment exists to benefit all students and plays a key role in bridging the gap to greatness.

Extracurricular Programs

Support for Extracurricular Programs is separate from Classroom & Student Enrichment, and is facilitated by TPHSF to cover activities that provide students the opportunity for enrichment, leadership, skill enhancement, team building, and achievement beyond traditional in-school curriculum.  Support allows for an exceptional experience as the Foundation helps these programs beyond what the government budget supplies.

Lacrosse Players at Torrey Pines High School
Student Volunteers at Torrey Pines High School


The responsibility of the Foundation is to be the central facilitator for funding programs to enhance the student experience. We do not have a colossal staff to carry out and implement programs and events. Whether your time is limited or boundless, your skills specialized or general, we, but more importantly the students, need your help.

"There are no more formative years than those in high school. Let's provide them the resources to not only be great students but great adults."

– Zephyr Fletcher, Executive Director

Thank You To Our Community Business Partners

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