Help TPHS Students through your Employer’s Match Program

This is a great way to double your contribution to TPHS Students, without costing you anything. It’s free money. All you have to do is ask for it. 

Many companies have a “matching” program where they will match some portion of their employee’s contributions to special or non-profit organizations such as the TPHS Foundation. An example might be that the company will give 50% of what the employee has contributed, up to a maximum of $2000. So if the employee gives $1000, the company will give $500, for a total employee contribution of $1500 to TPHSF. 

Companies may also provide “volunteer grants” where the company will make a donation to an organization where their employee spends time volunteering. 

Other programs exist such as a charitable giving program which automatically deducts a selected amount of money from employee’s paychecks and sends the contribution to the organization. It may or may not include any matching contribution from the employer.

Science Student at Torrey Pines High School


We are always in need of in kind donations to help our programs, fundraising and general operations. Whether it be goods or services, the TPHSF can offer a fair market value tax deduction to you if the goods or services are needed. For more information, please email TPHSF through our Contact Page.