TPHSF Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Support: Volunteer positions include helping in the Attendance Office, Foundation, Counseling, as well as projects that are scheduled on an as-needed basis such as copying and collating, mailings, and much more. 

Extracurricular Programs Volunteer Liaisons: Liaisons coordinate fundraising and provide program support for Athletics, Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, Science and Academic extracurriculars. Liaisons in each area have an opportunity to work directly with the department chair or coach to help identify the needs of the Program and work on raising funds with the assistance of the Foundation. 

Special events: Events are important for building social bonds. Readiness Days, Challenge Days, Teacher Classroom Grants, Grad Nite, Graduation Check-in, Teacher Appreciation, Donor Appreciation and many other events all require adult assistance to coordinate and execute upon.

TPHSF Volunteer Sign-Up

Please provide the following information so that we may contact you with additional details.

  • Please review the following volunteer options for this year and check the boxes for any areas you are interested in (you may check multiple boxes). Keep in mind that the 2020-2021 school year will likely look quite different from years past. There will be different needs moving forward. Help in areas such as communication, deliveries and teacher support will be needed and greatly appreciated. Public safety will be at the forefront as we plan all events and volunteer schedules.
  • Event Volunteers

“Volunteering provides parents an opportunity to furnish an exceptional upbringing for their children before they become adults and parents themselves.”

– Zephyr Fletcher, Executive Director