Extracurricular Program Support

Support for beyond-classroom programs are facilitated by the TPHSF to cover extracurricular activities that provide students the opportunity for enrichment, leadership, skills enhancement, team building, and achievement beyond traditional in-school curriculum.  

Funding provided by the District covers only the bare necessities for these programs, if at all. Additional funding is necessary so that these extracurricular programs meet the same standard of excellence as the courses in the classroom. Funding for each program is coordinated by the program’s Liaison who works with TPHSF. The Foundation oversees the usage of that money, which goes directly to the program for equipment, travel, coaches/instructors and whatever else is necessary to go from good to great.


Support with Confidence

Donations made to each program are reserved exclusively for use by that program.

Academic / Arts

Athletics – Fall


Cross Country

Dance Team

Field Hockey

Flag Football – Girls


Golf – Girls

Tennis – Girls

Volleyball – Girls

Waterpolo – Boys

Athletics – Spring

Badminton (WEBSITE)