Torrey Pines High School Foundation

TPHS Student Spotlight: Sofia Serrano

Hi, my name is Sofia Serrano, and I am thrilled to be the ASB President for the 2021-22 school year. I have been an ASB member for 3 years. In my freshman year, I was Assistant Commissioner of Academics. For both my sophomore and junior years, I was Commissioner of Academics. As commissioner there are many different responsibilities and expectations, for example, planning and executing Back To School Night, Teacher Appreciation Week letters, and many more events.

My favorite thing to do in San Diego is go for long walks on the beach and enjoy a burrito or taco from The Taco Stand on the 101 in Encinitas. I also love to dance and I am extremely passionate about it. I did ballet for 11 years at a little studio called Ballet Arte, and then last year I joined the Torrey Pines Dance Team. I was on the JV team last year and this year I made it on the Varsity team! I was so happy that I made it on Varsity considering that I only have a year of experience in Hip Hop.

This summer I am going to Spain to renew my citizenship and visit some family and friends. I am also going to Pennsylvania to visit some more family and travel around New York and Philadelphia. Once I come back home, I will be busy preparing and planning events for ASB as well as Dance Team bootcamp.

I am looking forward to the “Best Year Ever” and being able to see everyone back on campus! I am looking forward to seeing our school pride and spirit at different sporting events. I am simply looking forward to making next year the best year possible after this crazy year that thankfully just passed. Some goals of mine next year are: making sure everyone feels welcomed and supported by their fellow peers, ensuring that every student’s voice matters when it comes to different school event ideas, and finally, uplifting people’s spirits with our Falcon Pride. Next year is going to be filled with excitement, and once again I cannot wait to see everyone back on campus. GO FALCONS!