Torrey Pines High School Foundation is for every student to reach their potential

2021 / 2022 Donors

Torrey Pines High School Foundation is the bridge to creating an exceptional high school experience. Credit goes to the community that donates and success is because of them.

Legacy Club

$7,500 Donation Level

Platinum Club

$5,000 Donation Level

The Aberle Family

Christene and James Renner

Gold Club

$2,500 Donation Level

The Klekotka Family

The Laba Famiy

Stephanie and Don McGuire

Lisa and Reo Watanabe

Silver Club

$1,500 Donation Level

The Cui Family

Johanna and Tony Flower

Angela and Ron Ford

The London Family

Bronze Club

$750 Donation Level

The Acers Family

Michelle and Richard Bailey

Michelle Baker

Maria and Sean Barry

Lisa and Tim Blazer

The Boyes Family

Kelly and Tom Conway

Heather and Ryan Dinsmore

Tammy and George Doan

Mercy and Terek El-Ansary

Audrey and Eric Fallon

Jennifer and Josh Hill

Jaime Komen

The Linares Family

The Menghini Family

Susie and Peter Mikolajewski

Cindra Opalsky

Julie Petersen

Sean Pope

Patty and Michael Tobin

The Trusso Family

Paul Tsironis and Jenny Theologidis

Cardinal Club

$365 Donation Level

The Aguirre Family

Tami and Joe Austin

Chris Babcock and Megan Freitas

The Bertino Family

The Brewer Family

The Brown Family

Maria and Chris Chen

Sarah Cooch

The Costabile Family

The Curtis Family Foundation

Karen Dhuyvetter

The Eduardo Family

Kristina and Steve Elliott

Karolina Ericsson

The Fagin Family

Alison Gaconnet

Meghean Gormley

Tracey and Scott Hall

Necmi Hoke

The Hofflich Family

Huston Habitat

Allison and Drew Isaacman

Catherine and Chuck Allerson

The Ghorfi Katona Family

Larry Katz

Susan Kehrberg

Seongho Kim

Victoria and Paul Kudirka

Karen Lane

Mary and Mark Lambson

Carmen and Tim Laughlin

Alisa and Tom Lawrie

Yaochui Li

Weining Ma

Wenxia Man

The McDevitt Family

Amy McQuade

The Merson Family

The Panebianco Family

Tracy Parkhill

Joaquin Pruneda Paz

The Pearson Family

The Philibbosian Family

The Roenfeldt Family

Kelly and Ed Rohrbach

Rough Draft Brewing Company

The Satoda Family

Martin Schmidt

The Shitole-Deshmukh Family

Tamara and Daniel Sipes

Rick Sliter

The Snyder Family

Sheri and Steven Spector

Swortwood Family

The Taggart Family

The Taylor Family

The Thut Family